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Building A Longer Table, Not A Taller Fence

Holy Cow! 

Best known for being the home of the first and only 2-in-1 Zabihah Halal and Glatt Kosher "Interfaith Meat" to help Muslim and Jewish communities eat from the same plate, our mission is to make high-quality, faith-based foods accessible, nutritious, and delicious for all. 

What the Falafel!

Beyond Interfaith Meat, we also offer vegan and vegetarian products because we want everyone to take a seat at our table. All are welcome. 

We use food to foster interfaith unity and inclusivity.

Nourishing The 

Body & Soul

Our journey began with a single dinner called Shabbat Salaam. Today, Abe's has hosted a handful of community events across the US to 2,000+ attendees. Your purchase not only applies high-quality ingredients and local production to create a conscious footprint, it supports the development of programs that celebrate interfaith unity and inclusivity. 

Fostering A Community

We didn't just merge faith-based dietary laws to benefit food production, we did it to use food as a medium to foster cultural understanding between communities.

From TED to NPR's How I Built This, we're forever grateful to our supporters.

Hot off the press, learn about how we are growing with our the latest initiatives.

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Many thanks to our 242 backers who made our campaign a success! 

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“Abe's is an ideal solution for us as caterers. Not only does their Interfaith Meat allow us to meet several dietary requirements at once and reduce operational complexity, but it also keeps our chefs at the kitchen happy. Our chefs immediately noticed the superior quality of the meat - and the impact it leaves on the taste of our dishes. Our customers immediately noticed it too!" 


—  Manal Kahl,

     Founder of Eat Offbeat


"...Maybe anti-Muslim sentiment, anti-Semitism is the responsibility of not just of those who have been attacked, but the rest of us. It's very easy when it's our community to stand up and say that this is horrible, but to stand up for each other is far more effective. That's why I am a strong devotee of this partnership — this opportunity to stand with one another and for one another because it sends a stronger message that we are all in this together...Thank you for attaching Halal to Kosher and Kosher to Halal. I'd like to think if we are committed to Kosher and Halal it is not just one dimensional. It carries over to other areas where ritual is very important.'"


—  Rabbi Potasnik,

     NY Board of Rabbis

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