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With past lives as the co-founder of a California-based biotech company, award-winning NY Times-published cartoonist, and creative strategist for nonprofits and public companies alike, Mohammad has always focused on producing products and programs that bring people together.

Most recently, Mohammad used the power of food to bring people together to celebrate their commonalities by making the growing need for faith-based (religious) foods more accessible to individuals and organizations that want to foster inclusive spaces (and dinner tables!).


A public health practitioner by training, Mohammad entered the food world by accident when he produced the first 2-in-1 "Interfaith Meat" that is (Zabihah) Halal and (Glatt) Kosher at the same time. The product was made for his "Shabbat Salaam" interfaith dinner, which brought strangers together as a response to the rising wave of anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim bigotry after the 2016 US election cycle. More than 2,000 attendees participated in Shabbat Salaam programs, while Interfaith Meat helped early adopters save on time, money, inventory space, and food waste. Beyond Interfaith Meat, Mohammad has produced other products like "Hummus for All of Us" and "Honey, I Love You" under his Abe's Eats brand.

Outside of food, Mohammad works with the c-level executives of private and public companies across industries on branding, program and product development, and general strategy. He is a two-time official speaker who has spoken at Columbia University, Food Lab, Specialty Foods, and IFC Films, to name a few. He is a mentor and pitch coach to student and women founders. 

Mohammad is a Johns Hopkins alumnus where he studied public health as a Bloomberg Scholar and Woodrow Wilson Research Fellow. He was the University's nominee for the Rhodes, Truman, and Marshall Scholarships before being awarded the George J. Mitchell National Scholarship (the "Rhodes of Ireland") and attended Trinity College Dublin on a full scholarship.


In his spare time, Mohammad loves to work on his 1969 VW Bus and produce new events. His latest program was a Jewish-Muslim comedy show called Cut The Beef. 

His TED Speaker bio can be found here.