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With over 1,000,000 views, Mohammad's second TED Talk highlights the complexities farmers face in today's challenging global food industry. The (simple) solution? Go local. Go to your farmers market! 

In his first TED Talk, Mohammad speaks about Halal, Kosher, and merging both dietary laws to use food as a medium to foster cultural understanding and build peace.


Public Speaker

As a social entrepreneur who is currently focused on building the most inclusive food brand in the industry, Mohammad enjoys speaking about food (and its public health effects) as a tool for social and economic development. Topics include:


  • Our FoodPrint: The ecological impact of our food supply chains 

  • How to build a more inclusive dinner table: The tools we use to combat the rise in [anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim] bigotry 

  • Keeping it Kosher (and Halal!): The growing market of faith-based foods

  • Building diversity and fostering inclusivity in startup culture



Over the last five years, Mohammad has consulted c-level executives working at nonprofits to public companies on building new business development strategies to create unique B2B/C brands that reflect the diversity of their changing communities.

Past projects have included: 

  • Rebranding an athletic foundation for an NFL athlete

  • Building the online retail strategy for the "Mother of Modern Dance" 

  • Developing the communications strategy for a multi-Grammy Award-winning producer 

  • Co-producing a nonprofit fundraising gala that raised $300,000 in one night

  • Creating fundraising documents for two companies that later went public

  • Training executives for their TED Talk-style speaking events

  • Producer of the first best-of Halal list by a major US food publication



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